Welcome to Film;Club

It’s been a few years in the making but we’ve finally been able to launch Film;Club. We all see this as a collective group and in a way a brand for us to explore creatively. For now we are just making comedic shorts when we get the time. We know we will expand our content past these funny little vids, whether that be podcasts, serious short films, blog posts and, hey, maybe one day a TV show. Film;Club has given us all something to actually commit to. People ask us what’s next and what we’re up to now and that’s really encouraging but also kind of scary that we have an audience loving or hating what we do now.

This is the beginning of a new era for us. But Rome wasn’t built in a day, and so neither will the Club of Film. We need the support from our friends and followers to help us spread our content. We live in an age of such rapid movement in trends and a steady flow of content. With the introduction of Vine and the way that Facebook produces and provides short and easy to digest content from other social websites it has made it really hard for us to compete. Thus far our content is what you could call "too long" for the modern scrolling attention span, and you know what? That’s okay! I like the content I’m making and the response we’ve recieved, and I’m excited to get more of my ideas and videos out there.

I don’t want to be the guy who complains about why I don’t get the same amount of views as other videos on the internet, that's a dark path. I’d rather actually enjoy and like what I’m making rather than pumping out videos just to gain a fan base and some views to fuel my existence. One of my goals with Film;Club is for our content to reach outside of our social circles. That it won’t be just our friends and family liking and sharing our posts, but the ordinary man or woman or child of society having a good chuckle at some crappy joke about a dog collar that I wrote.

Something I’m still struggling with as a writer/filmmaker is whether I make content that I like for myself, or if I make stuff for you, the audience. I don’t know if there is a middle ground. Art is subjective, everyone is entitled to their own opinion and we all know what we do and don’t like. Yet there are ways to make our content more general for audiences. I recently wrote a script called “The Meeting” which has taken all of the feedback we received into perspective for us all to have a laugh at it, you’ll see that on your screens at some point in the future. Yeah, the future, let’s talk about that.

If you don’t know me I’m Jon Brennan and I’m currently in my last 6 weeks of a Bachelor of Film. At this point in time it’s pretty crazy for everyone in the Club. Craig and Tim work full time and Alec also studies full time. Have you noticed the word time come up a lot? Yea, it seems to be the main problem we’ve run into. The only opportunities we get to film are on the weekends, and then with church commitments on Sunday’s it only leaves Saturday’s free for us to film, which are often not free. You see where I’m going with this?

For the moment we don’t have a lot of time to film, but I’m glad to announce that we have 16 scripts and multiple ideas which are still collating. So it’s also a matter of ‘when we do have time to film, what should we film?’

So please forgive us for being slow with content. We are people too. But I’ve a lot of free time coming up post-Christmas as after December I’ll be “unemployed” rather than “on holidays”, so I’ve that to look forward to. I see this bridging time between uni and potentially a career as potentially my last chance to actually experiment with a lot of creative things before I get old. So I hope to produce as much content as I can in that time.

That’s the first blog post for Film;Club. If there are things you want us to write about in these posts and updates email us at filmclubmedia@gmail.com or tell us in person (if you know us) and we’ll see what we can do. I like having conversations with people about what we do and I’d like to answer questions or let you guys know what goes on behind the scenes here at Film;Club.

Welcome to the Club.

I've been your host,

Jon Brennan.