Commentary, Midnight Disasters, and Alec actually does something


The first thing I want to talk about is how awesome of a job Isaac is doing with HandMeYourShirt, he’s been doing great things for people in need and we couldn't be happier to support our friend in being an active and supportive member of society (instead of goofing around and making little talking pictures like we do with our time).

Now then, I guess I’ll start by introducing myself, I’m Alec De Gennaro and Im studying Audio Engineering at SAE, and there are a few reasons why I'm the one writing this blog and not the lovely Jon. The first being that I wanted to write one anyway and this was the perfect time, the second is that I’ve just finished editing our first commentary/podcast. We recorded two of these a few weeks ago and we are putting the first one out as a bit of a test to see if we want to make some more in the future, the audio’s rough, we didn’t run through topics before hand and it was done at about 1 in the morning after we sat around procrastinating a shoot that I don't think we actually got around to. I don't know if it’s something people will enjoy or if we are interesting enough to hold your attention for about 25 minutes (edited down from about 40 before I just said screw it and left the rest in), but hey, its a skill I want us to be able to develop as its something I personally have always dreamed of being good at and even being able to do professionally. So if your interested in the production of Bubble Trouble, listening to Craig be extremely tired and stories about not only my genitals being visible during a shoot, but also about me perving on Craig in a bath on a separate occasion (you’ll just have to listen for the context) this may be something you’ll enjoy putting on in the background to have us keep you company for a bit. This type of production will probably mainly be my responsibility as Jon and Tim have their hands full with video editing so its left up to me to edit Tim’s habit of laughing very loudly directly into the mic, so if you have any feedback please let me know and I’d be happy to chat about it and maybe we could share a fruit roll up, like good friends ought to do.

An example of what I now call "Tim Time". Each dot is a volume edit, almost all being Tim's laughter or spikes in volume during speech. Im getting rather good at it.

An example of what I now call "Tim Time". Each dot is a volume edit, almost all being Tim's laughter or spikes in volume during speech. Im getting rather good at it.

The third reason for this blog post is our shoot that Jon mentioned in the last post. We shot the first of three scenes last Saturday and planned to finish it up this Saturday, we called in Michael who has starred in Button as well as some of our previous work to help with the skeleton crew as Tim couldn't join until later. It was honestly one of our better shooting experiences, everyone knew their parts, how we wanted to deliver lines, Craig and I bounced off each other really well, and the energy was really good. This was set to be a really solid Film;Club production and just in time to release during the HandMeYourShirt partnership. But by the next day we discovered that all these good vibes happening in front on the camera weren't quite translating behind it. I haven't been behind the camera for a few shoots so I don't want to go into assigning blame for mistakes but lets just say there were some errors that couldn't be fixed in editing, lack of communication led to shots looking off and eyelines not matching, and there wasn't enough attention paid in some shots leading to accidents like people being seen on camera who aren't meant to be seen. I’m not going into specifics because for one I don't want to blame anyone, and also because I don't care, I just want to focus on the solution and rescheduling to make things right. and I guess that is something I want to bring to this team because sometimes the people around me can get a bit worked up when we shoot late into the night and get focused on who to blame (understandable when we spend so much time shooting while as tired as people get after being awake so late) but I’ve always tried to be able to just get things fixed without assigning blame or trying to make issues bigger than they are. Some may see it as professionalism, but its more along the lines of “I'm bored of listening to you all bitching, and I couldn't care less, I just want to go home and play xbox/sleep”. But hey, whatever gets the job done, also, that quote will almost definitely be the title of my auto biography.

Sorry that this was a long one, there was a lot to cover with the commentary and the shoot but hopefully I’ll get better at these blogs as well. I'm always looking for new ways to entertain people and make them smile, when girls aren’t into your looks, being funny is the only way, hows that working out for me? don't want to talk about it…..

Love you 5eva,
Alec De Gennaro